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ORTHODONTICS is the process of straightening teeth with the help of an appliance ( wires etc). Any child or adult might require orthodontic treatment who has teeth that are:

  • Crooked
  • Alignment and Spacing
  • Protruding
  • Irregular
  • With gaps in between
  • In the wrong bite

An orthodontic treatment involves putting a wire/brackets on your teeth and regular visits (once a month mostly) for tightening/changing the wire. Each sitting takes only 10-15 minutes.

How long will my treatment take?
Treatment time depends on

  • Severity of Problem
  • Age of patient
  • Regularity of visits
  • Type of bone/pace of movement of teeth
  • The inclusion of chin caps/headgear or any myofunctional appliance treatment prior to braces
  • Teeth stuck deep in the jaw.

Therefore treatment time can vary between 1-3 years. On an average it takes about 16-18 MONTHS (1-1.5 years)

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